Cross Country Night Run At Farmington


Arionna Johnson , Reporter

The Potosi High School Cross Country Team participated in the night run at Farmington on September 29. The run was considered a make up run and was nothing like a normal Potosi High School Cross Country Team meet. The meet was created to make up for the meets that the team does not get to participate in because of Covid-19. The run was at night time on a track instead of in the day time on a field. There was music playing in the background for the runners to listen to while the runners run and others warm up. There were 3 different girl heats and 4 different boy heats.


Individual awards were given but team awards were not. The top 20 girls and boys out of all of the heats each got a medal. Potosi High School had a few girls metal. Celeste Sansegraw 2nd, Haillie Portelle 6th, Gracie Schutz 8th, Alyson Skiles 9th, Emily Hochstatter 13th, and Carlee Moss 14th. The girls who didn’t medal but were not far behind were Allie Heeter 22nd, Kya Gibson 25th, and Amiee Winick 30th. 


PHS boys who placed were Will Jarvis 6th, Ezekiel Sisk 9th, Garrett Hale 15th, Jaden Kanan 16th, and David Declue 17th. The ones who did not place but were not far behind were Hunter Griffin 24th, Tanner Gibson 25th, Conner Gibson 26th, Jacob Lewis 29th, Colten Politte 34th, and Kolbey Heeter 46th. Andrew Cain went to the meet and helped motivate the team members but he himself could not participate due his hip being injured.  


PHS had multiple runners who achieved Personal records. Senior Will Jarvis beat his personal record for the 2 mile run.


 Colten Politte also beat his personal record and had a strong finish while he sprinted down the straight stretch to the finish line. 


Emily Hochstatter ran in second place in her heat until the last straight stretch where she spirited hard and finished the heat in 1st place. 


Next Saturday, September 10, the boys and girls have a home meet. The team looks forward to students’ support of the Potosi Track Team at the Potosi City Park to watch the Potosi High School Cross Country Teams race.