Coronavirus Leaves Seniors Wondering


Cory Emily, Reporter

The return to school leaves many questions up in the air with COVID-19 cases continuing to grow in Washington County. All students face difficult challenges with the precautions and restrictions PHS has put in place, but high school seniors worry about losing much of what makes a senior year special.


The high school has made many changes this school year including assigned seats in every class, maximum numbers in restrooms, and no pep rallies or assemblies. Senior Ian Sansegraw said, “I don’t like the assigned seats and maximum numbers, but I understand why these things are put in place.”


Despite the precautions, some seniors worry that there might be another school-wide shut down. Senior Molly Hamby said, “This year is not the same, it’s saddening thinking me or someone else could get sent home in the middle of their senior year. It scares me even more thinking about being sent home in the middle of my senior tennis season.”


Senior Andrew Coleman said, “This year was going to be different, we all knew that. The best we can do is hope for our students to be safe so we can go back to a normal school year. I mean pep assemblies usually boost the teams up but it is a part of this year, I still loved the atmosphere at school and during the games.”


Just three weeks into the new school year, PHS had to send many students home to quarantine due to close contacts. Football Coach Dylan Wyrick said at least 25 of his players have been quarantined so far this year.


Senior Devon Marler said he was hopeful for “a normal school year and one last football season,” but nothing seems normal for many seniors this year.


Seniors will miss many things that are “tradition” to a senior year at PHS. Things like Senior trip Six Flags, SSR rewards, and Homecoming will be different and may not even take place this year. There is much uncertainty on how the rest of the school year will go for everyone. This year will be one that seniors will remember.