Potosi Trojans Battle Against the North County Raiders


Wade Mercille, Reporter

The Potosi Trojans Volleyball team played the North County Raiders on September 29 on their home court, marking the first time the Trojan had taken the court since September 8.


Sophomore Jade Williams served many times throughout the first set with many of the serves leading to points for the Trojans. Coming to the end of the first set with the Raiders and Trojans battling neck to neck Junior, Sami Huck attempted to pass a hard-to-reach ball by diving for it and just barely missing by mere inches causing the Raiders to win the first set 25-21.


Starting out in the second set the Trojans quickly led the set with a score of 6-1. Sophomore Audrey Neel pounded the ball to the Raiders multiple times in this set giving the Trojans a small lead in the set. The Trojans kept up with the Raiders throughout the whole set going back and forth with points. The score was tied until the Raiders got some momentum going and took the lead 20-18. Both teams continued to battle until finally the Raiders barely got by with a score of 25-23. 


In the beginning of set 3, the Raiders served the ball and Annie Mccaul hit it back to them to start the set of 1-0 with Trojans in the lead. The score was 18-7 when Junior Chelbi Poucher hit it on the line to start the Trojans off with an attempt to come back for the win. The ball was hit back and forth consecutively by both teams trying to keep the ball from hitting the ground. The Trojans fell short in the third set finishing with a score of 25-10.