JV Trojan Volleyball Comes Back Late Against the Salem Tigers


Wade Mercille, Reporter

After the Potosi Trojans JV volleyball team placed second in the weekend tournament they continue to grow on that accomplishment and aim for a win in this week’s games. Potosi Trojans played the Salem Tigers on October 7 with JV leading off the night at 5:30. 


The first set was back-and-forth both teams keeping the ball in the air and scoring some points here and there. Sophomore Hope Miner got a kill on the line to score a point for the Trojans. 


Mid set Sophomore Isabella DiFiori tied the game up 11-11 with an ace to score. The Trojans worked together as DiFiori dug the ball, Sophomore Molly Hector set it and Sophomore Payton Poucher set up a kill for the Trojans giving them a lead of 15-12. Salem fought back later tying the game 18-18. Poucher hit two aces at the end of the first set leading to a Trojan win with a score of 25-22. 


Going into the second set Trojans got an early lead 8-5. Salem fought back taking the lead with a score of 13-11. Freshman Paige West hit a ace towards the end of the set slowly making up a loss of points making the score 20-14 with Salem in the lead. Later in the set Poucher hit a line shot causing the score to be 23-16. Although the Trojans fought to take back points Salem won the second set with the score being 25-19. 


Going into the third and final set the Hector said, “We kept trying to stay positive because some of us get down on ourselves really easily. Everyone that was playing and even the ones in the stands staying up in energy really helped us tonight.”


In the beginning of the set West served the ball which was immediately hit back to the Trojans side but Hector went up for a block and causes the ball to be knocked down making the score tied 8-8. 


They battled closely with the Salem Tigers throughout the set with the score 15-15. DiFiori dug the ball many times saving the Trojans from an opposing point keeping the score tied at 23-23. At the end of the third set West jumped up and spiked the ball down to the other side causing the Trojans to come on top with the victory score being 26-24.