Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane


Lexy Wilson, Reporter

The four years in high school could be seen as the most crucial for building relationships. In those four years, relationships were formed for Lindsey Jarvis and Mrs. Cordia through cheer as well as Beth Rousan and Mr. Bradley through basketball, they have been building their relationships for 15 to 20 years. Throughout their time at PHS, they were involved in extracurricular activities that helped them find and grow the relationships that they have today.  


Secretary, Lindsey Jarvis was a student at PHS and was a part of the graduating class of 2006. Throughout her time at PHS, she has remained in touch and actually works with her best friend from high school at PHS. Aide, Whitney Morgan has been Jarvis’s friend for 27 years starting when she was five years old. 


While in high school Jarvis mainly focused on cheer. Her cheer coach was Mrs. Cordia. Jarvis said, “She made us run every day, but she was a really good coach.” Now they’re both working together on a day to day basis. “It’s good working with her now. It’s a different experience from having her as a teacher and being a student and then being equals,” Jarvis said. 


In 2006, Mrs. Cordia had been coaching cheerleading for eight years and would continue after for two more years. During that time the cheerleaders didn’t just cheer at football games, but they were also a competition team. Every day they had a routine for practice. They would stretch, run a mile, and then work on basic stunting. 


During Lindsey’s senior year when they went to the regional competition, they received 2nd place. They had only been competing for a couple years compared to Sikeston who had been competing for a long time and received 1st. “[The cheer squad] was really good when Lindsey was there and after she graduated as well,” said Mrs. Cordia. 


“Lindsey had a lot of energy. She liked the competition part and wanted to win” said Mrs. Cordia. Now working with Lindsey, Mrs. Cordia sees her in a different light. “I don’t see her as a student. I see her as the front lines of the whole school and she’s grown up and taken care of all of us and so have the other secretaries as well” said Mrs. Cordia.


Jarvis and Cordia had a special bond not only through cheer and school, but through family and knowing each other’s family. That relationship has continued to grow at PHS where they both currently work together. 


Similar to Jarvis and Cordia, Mrs. Rousan and Mr. Bradley have a special bond as well. Bradley was Rousan’s basketball coach and not only encouraged her during games but also encouraged her to become a teacher. Most recently he encouraged her to become a counselor. 


JEMS counselor Beth Rousan was a PHS graduate in 2004. Her senior year of high school she was best friends with Lora Dickey. Rousan and Dickey were next door neighbors and both played basketball together. During spirit day week, Dickey would spend the entire week at Rousan’s house and they would dress identical every single day. Throughout high school, Rousan learned to always stay positive and her friends helped her to keep priorities straight and that is what she lives by today.


In high school, Rousan played basketball and her coach was Mr. Bradley. “He was a good coach and he was very good at dealing with girl drama. He could also be very intense when there was a close game. He was always very sensitive to our needs and we could always go to him,” Rousan said. “There was this video that I remember distinctly that Mr. Bradley had watched and it said that if you were a fast runner then you are a good basketball player. So we ran and ran and ran at practice,” Rousan said. 


During Rousan’s senior year, she was a teacher aide to Coach Mapes and he was next door to Mr. Bradley. They would always go over to him and talk and do whatever tasks he needed. That relationship carries over into today. “The relationship that we have is special. All of these years he supported me as a student and now he’s supporting me as a teacher,” Rousan said.


By the time Mrs. Rousan graduated in 2004, Mr. Bradley had coached for nine years, seven at Potosi and two at Caledonia.  In total, he coached 23 of the 26 years that he had been a teacher. “She [Mrs. Rousan] and I had an excellent relationship. She was always funny, bubbly, and a high energy personality. She was a good leader in basketball and in school,” said Bradley. 


“The team was very good. We lost in the district final against St. Pius. Mrs. Rousan was the only senior with a team of mostly juniors,” said Bradley. Rousan wasn’t a lead scorer or rebounder, but she had stepped up in the toughest situations where she led in scoring and was second in rebounding, probably the result of knowing that might be her last game ever. The next year after Rousan graduated, PHS won districts. “We probably wouldn’t have won the next year if it wasn’t for her leadership,” said Bradley.


Bradley and Rousan’s relationship hasn’t changed a lot since she was a student. “We have always got along really well and have had the same philosophy about school that a relationship needs to be built between a teacher and a student,” said Bradley. Thinking back one of his favorite memories was when Rousan won Homecoming Basketball Queen. “I always like when one of my players wins things like this because it’s special,” said Bradley. 


All in all, none of these relationships would have happened if they weren’t involved in PHS. Through extracurriculars, relationships can be formed and can continue to grow even after high school. That’s why it is important to get involved while in high school because you never know what relationships will be waiting for you that could last a lifetime.