Information on Veterans Day

Cory Emily, Reporter

With issues of the COVID-19 virus leaving some uneasy, Potosi High School has cancelled the Veterans Day assembly for 2020. In honor of Veterans Day, PHS traditionally invites Veterans from Potosi to come eat breakfast and an assembly for them. Although PHS will not be inviting Veterans to come to a celebration, the school is doing something in its place. 


PHS is asking the students to submit something that will be sent to the Veterans around Potosi. This year, students were asked to write a thank you letter or draw a picture to be sent to veterans as a substitute for the assembly being canceled. This letter or picture will be a great way to show Veterans that in the light of what’s going on in the world. PHS still remembers and cares about them. 


Mr. Pullins is creating a slideshow for Veterans day. If a student has a picture of a Veteran in their family they can send it to Mr. Pullins and include their name, rank, branch, and include their relationship to you. Mr. Pullins is accepting pictures and information until Friday November 6.