Chase Glore Auditions for All-District and All-State Choir


Abigalye Hayes, Reporter

Chase Glore, a junior at PHS is planning to audition for the 2021 all district and all state choir.  “I’ve made All-District choir every year of high school so far (2018 and 2019) and am hoping to keep my perfect score headed to All-State choir now that I am eligible to try out,” he said. 


It was a question of if there were even going to be districts and state contests in 2021 after the 2020 state contests were canceled due to Covid-19. After a long break from school and very much practice Glore is finally eligible to audition for both the district and state choir this year. 


Glore is auditioning for the 2021 all district choir, although submissions are not due until January, he has been practicing for several months. Glore stated, “Making the choir means a lot to me. It’s super reassuring to make a choir that is meant for the best of the best of the best. Making a choir like that let’s me know that all my hard work hasn’t been in vain. That I’m not only doing what I love, but doing well at it.” He also stated “I’ve been practicing since quarantine started in March. I taught myself the song over the summer just because I was so excited and anxious to try out again.” He also stated,  “The audition process is very independent and so are the songs, so I’ve been sitting in my piano room many-a-night, plucking out the notes and teaching myself to sing the songs.” He also has been practicing with Mrs. Lewis in Trojan Time and once a week after school to perfect his auditions.


To make the 2021 all-district choir, students must sing a predetermined Italian song and sight read a song that they have yet to see. Traditionally, students are judged blindly, meaning the judge does not see or know the student. The auditions this year though are not in person. Students submit a recording with no concert performance; it would just be a recognition of making the choir because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In past years when making the choir the students who made it into the choir would be grouped into a mass choir and instructed by a guest choir director.  


Glore is also involved in Concert Choir, Swing Choir, Plays/ Musicals, Tennis, Marching band, Symphonic band, and the Math club. He has a full plate and has still made time to put a lot of effort into making the district and state choir.