PHS Welcomes This Year’s Pommies


Milasia Khanthavixay

This year has taken a toll on many athletes. Luckily, Potosi High School pommies kicked off their season on December 7 at halftime for Varsity Girls Basketball. They have been practicing since November 7 and morning till evening on some occasions. 


Captain Rylie Smith and Jadelynn Wigger are the only seniors on the pommies team this year. Smith has been dancing since she was four years old while Wigger has been dancing at Dungeon for two years and pommies for four years. With the new year and restrictions, they both have great thoughts for the freshmen that are on the team this year. 


“The freshmen are good! They have so much potential and I cannot wait to see what they can bring to the team as the season continues”  Smith said. 


Wigger tagged along and said, “The freshmen are still coming out of their shells and adjusting to everything but they are doing great! They are all super sweet and very hard workers. I can’t wait to see them improve throughout the years and become leaders.” 


Freshman Jayden Burnia loves to dance and has been performing her whole life. 

“It’s amazing. I love to dance so pommies is a really good thing for me. The first performance went pretty well. We were all nervous but once we got there we were fine and did amazing.” Burnia stated.


Coronavirus took hold on many sports and future plans for students. A few things have changed for the pommies this year. 


Smith stated, “With Covid-19 we couldn’t hold our yearly camp to learn our dances so the co-captain and I had to make up routines to use throughout the games.” 


Wigger again agreed and stated, “Covid restrictions have definitely been a challenge to adjust to but we are managing it very well. We have all worked hard in and outside of practice and I hope people see that when we perform. I’m very proud of how well we have handled all of these changes and how hard every girl has worked.”