Boys Varsity Basketball Wins Senior Night


On December 11, the Potosi Trojans hosted the St Clair Bulldogs on their home court. This was not only the Trojans first home game, but it was also senior night. The six basketball seniors and the two senior pommies walked on to the court for their first, last home game. These seniors include: Landon Bone, Joshua Bradbrook, Cory Emily, Bryce Reed, Ian Sansegraw, Rylie Smith, Ryker Walton, and Jadelynn Wigger.


Senior Ian Sansegraw said, “I think with it being senior night we will play to the best of our potential. I mean you only get one of these in your whole high school season.” 


To start the first quarter, the scores were back and forth, the players were up and down up and down the court, both teams fighting to take the lead. Late in the first quarter, the Trojans took the lead as they were starting to delay St Clair’s offense. 


With the help of senior Ryker Walton’s continuous layups and senior Landon Bone’s three pointers, the Trojans ended the first quarter with the lead. At the start of the second quarter, freshman Ty Mills and senior Bryce Reed both shot for three points back to back, making the score 20-9. 


St Clair went up for a layup, but junior Malachi Peppers sprinted from behind to make the stop. Walton went up for another successful layup and drew a foul, making the free throw. Shortly after, a personal foul was called on St Clair, giving Peppers two free throws which he made. At the half, the score was 31-21, with Potosi in the lead.


 In the third quarter, Peppers stole the ball after St Clair threw it into their team and then passed it to Reed for a layup. Bone took many shots behind the three point line and scored two during the third quarter. At the end of the quarter, Reed rebounded and went up for a layup,  ending quarter three with Potosi in the lead 47-34. 


To begin quarter four, sophomore Zane West took the ball in for a layup. West later got an assist when he passed the ball to Walton. He shot from the paint and scored two. Peppers later shot from the three point line and made the shot, giving the Trojans an additional three points, making the score 58-46 with one minute left.


The Trojans drew in a senior night win, with a final score of 60-49 .