Battle of the Classes

Jade Williams, Reporter

On the week of basketball homecoming, each class has a designated hallway and they must decorate it according to the theme. The theme of this year’s hallway competition is the daring decades. Each class will get chosen a decade and they will have until homecoming day to decorate before the judges decide what class won at the end of the week. 


The classes decades are:


Freshman- 60’s

Sophomore-  80’s 

Junior- 70’s

Senior- 50’s


Students will start preparing hall decorations next week during Trojan Time, and will continue until Friday, January 22. Students who want to work on the hallway after school may do so only with teacher supervision.


Last year at PHS, the freshman class took the crown against the other classes. That was one of the freshman class’s firsts wins of the hallway competition in a while. This year, all classes are hoping for the first place win and the prize. This year’s prize consists of bragging rights and an extra lunch shift.