The Journey of an Old Beat Up Truck


Anthony Dontrich

Connor Price, a senior at Potosi High, was given a truck. Not just some random truck on the marketplace. The truck was one that his grandfather used to own. 


Bought brand new in 1993, this F-150 has seen a lot. Having been a daily driver for the first half of its life, it was then used as a truck to haul wood for the last 15 years. Now, the truck looks as if it’s brand new. 


After looking for trucks similar to what his grandfather had, he realized how difficult this was going to be.  The trucks were either too expensive for the condition or too far to get. One day to his surprise, his grandfather gifted his old truck to him. Immediately, Connor went to work to restore and put some love back in the old truck. Connor has now been working on this project for a few months. When the truck was given to him he said, “Because all grandpa did with it was use it for hauling wood.” With grandpa getting wiser with age, he gave Connor the truck, seeing this as an opportunity to make it look almost brand new again. When Connor was presented with the idea of getting this truck, he knew it would need some work. 


The first item of business for Connor, and with the help from his grandfather, was to get to work on the exterior. He traveled all over to several junk yards and even searched high and low on Facebook Marketplace to find the parts he needed. After lots of searching, he was finally able to work on replacing several parts that were missing or rusted. Once replaced, the truck needed sanded and painted. Today, the truck is a shiny red that you couldn’t miss, sitting in the school parking lot. Hard work and dedication paid off for Conner.


So what did Conner’s grandfather think of the finished product? Connor said, “Grandpa got a little teary eyed.” Now that his grandfather and himself are done with this project and with help from some people he went to church with, he said, “I’m very proud of how it turned out, it’s one of the few things I’m proud of.”


Even with some small imperfections this truck is completely transformed and is definitely one of a kind. Now that the truck is complete and back on the road, this truck of his grandfathers means everything to him.