Battling Against The Winter Weather


Milasia Khanthavixay

The best part of living in Missouri is that you can appreciate every one of the four seasons that make up your year. With those changing seasons come shifts in weather that can overwhelm even lifelong Missourians. 


Premier Law Group stated, “Statistics prove that the leading cause of teenage deaths in the U.S. is car accidents, most often a result of distracted driving, speeding, and driver error.” The outcome can be a costly car accident or more regrettable, a fatal death. The Federal Highway Administration stated that nearly six millions accidents were reported every year across the nation. Roughly 22 percent were weather-related. 


According to injury attorneys from Wilson, Kehoe, & Winingham, it is easy to understand why bad weather is high on the top ten causes of car accidents in the United States. When you are unable to see beyond the hood of your car due to snow, rain, or fog, drivers suffer.


Conditions such as fog, rain, sleet, snow, and ice not only restrict visibility, but can also affect the performance of a vehicle. Snow may cover lines on the road, while icy patches can catch drivers off guard and cause their vehicle to spin out of control. 


Teenagers love snow days and not being in school, but hate the fact that their parents won’t let them drive to see their friends when the roads are bad and they are stuck at home. 


According to, November 2020 through October 2021, winter temperatures will be above average. The coldest periods would be late December into early January, and in late February. In 2019, St. Louis temperatures dropped as low as negative six degrees. In the same year, Missouri had suffered 15,167 total crashes due to snow, sleet/hail, and freezing temperatures. Out of those total crashes, 65 of those crashes were fatal (


On Saturday February 13, senior Connor Price had a wreck on P highway after taking a curve. The back end of his truck started to slide and lift. Price ran off the road at a slant hitting a tree stump which caused the truck to flip, land on the driver’s side door, and finally ended on the truck’s top. Price received a concussion along with multiple bruises. He had a passenger as well, senior Anthony Dontrich. Dontrich received no injuries and only soreness. Both seniors had their seatbelts on during the accident. Several people had stopped to help both of them out of the flipped truck and waited for the ambulance. Once the ambulance arrived they were taken to Washington County Hospital. 


“I’ve had this truck for a year, just had it painted and basically restored 6 months ago. When in doubt, don’t try getting out. If there’s even a slight chance you might get into an accident because of road conditions, keep it safe do not venture out,” Price stated.