Exercising and its Benefits

Cory Emily

Exercising is one thing that everyone needs to include in their daily life to be healthier. Exercise can simply be going outside and walking and getting fresh air. Getting Vitamin D is essential to growth in young adults and children. Without exercise, children can start bad habits and become unhealthy. People can exercise in many different ways and for different reasons. Three main reasons include-building/toning muscle, losing weight, and improving mental health. 


  1. Weight lifting is a good way to change your physique and get stronger. Weight lifting has many categories. There is lifting to get stronger, lifting to get bigger, and lifting to make yourself feel better mentally by reducing stress. When lifting there are many important things to do before you lift. According to Webmd.com important things to do before and after your lift are stretching before you lift, plan your workouts, lifting with good form before lifting heavy, and taking recovery days. Doing these things are critical in the growth and development in your body when lifting weights. 
  2. Exercising includes losing weight and is different from weight lifting. Losing weight is decreasing your body fat percentage by dieting and exercising. Healthlin.com said if you are wanting to lose weight you can reduce your calorie intake and eat foods that are more nutritious. Foods that are high in protein that can help you lose weight are chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruit. Baked foods are healthier than grilled or fried food. Weight lose actions can also include running, biking, or hiking. Anything you do that gets your heart rate higher than normal will help you lose weight. Fast twitch workouts, cardio, and exercises like burpees, jump rope, and mountain climbers are also effective.
  3. Exercise can help you look good but also make you feel good. Ncbi.gov recommendations state exercise can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression levels by improving self esteem and cognitive function. Exercise can also help you sleep better and longer at night ensuring energy for the next day. Exercising for many people is a good way to close yourself off from people and work on improving yourself and that is not a bad thing either. 


Something to think about is the childhood obesity problem in America. Obesity frequency in American teens is 20.6%, according to the CDC. They also say that one hour of intense physical activity is a small task teens can do to reduce the obesity rate. 


Exercising has many benefits that can improve the quality and length of your life. It is strongly encouraged by Pediatric Educators and Child Specialists that young adults and children add exercise to their daily routines.