Powderpuff Football, Seniors Needed!

Milasia Khanthavixay, Reporter

The annual Powderpuff Flag Football game lives on here at Potosi High School! 

PHS’s powderpuff is a flag football game that pits the freshman and seniors vs. sophomores and juniors. This game is traditionally held the day of football homecoming, but with Covid and the new rules that couldn’t happen. With the help of Superintendent, Mr. McCaul, powderpuff is back just in time for the start of spring sports. 

The game will be hosted on March 31 to kick off Spring Break. Sign ups are in the library from  Friday, March 19 and permission slips MUST be returned by Thursday, March 25 at 11:00. 

Practice will take place on Monday, March 29 during 2nd hour and Trojan Time. Anyone with questions should see Mrs. Deanna Mercille in the library.

Mr. Wyrick will be head coach of the freshmen and seniors while Mr. Conaway and Mrs. Politte will be assistant coaches. Mr. Urich will be head coach of the sophomores and juniors while Mr. Huddleston and Mrs. Sadler will be assistant coaches.

We are in need of more freshmen, juniors, and seniors if PHS wishes to host the game!