St.Louis Cardinals Baseball is Back


Ryker Walton

Last year the MLB looked different with a shortened baseball season (60 games in 10 weeks) compared to a normal 162 game full regular season and no fans allowed to attend. This year your hometown St.Louis Cardinals along with the rest of MLB teams are allowing fans to attend their games and playing a full length season. 


What is different?

Limiting the number of fans that can attend games to about 32% of full capacity for now. There are hopes of expanding to even full later this season.


Socially distanced seating, guests will be seated in pods of four or less with a minimum distance of 6-feet between seating pods in all directions.


Masks will be required at all times in all areas of the stadium unless fans are eating or drinking.


Mobile-only ticketing, all game tickets will be delivered via the MLB Ballpark app, unless you are a season ticket holder


Cashless transactions, purchases made in the stadium will be cashless and only offer credit and debit payment options. Debit cards will be available for purchase using cash at certain locations inside the stadium.


Guests will be directed to enter and exit the stadium through one of six designated entry gates. A designated entry gate will be noted on each ticket. Guests will not be permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium.


Bags are not permitted: To reduce contamination and ensure touchless entry, bags will not be permitted to be brought in to Busch Stadium, except for medical or diaper bags.


No vendors will be up and selling food and drinks throughout the stands.


How to get your hands on tickets

When wanting to ensure the best deal on tickets keep the following in mind:

  • Weekday tickets will be cheaper than weekend tickets
  • Buy tickets last minute, although it may be a bit of a risk, tickets prices tend to drop as the days get closer to gameday¬†
  • Stick to home games, it is cheaper than traveling to another stadium

Fans can get tickets in a variety of ways: