Book Club Starts at PHS


“Ten” by Gretchen McNeil is the first book that the Book Club has chosen to read.

Heidi Seiberlich

The start of a new school year means it’s time for clubs to start again. The Book Club had their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, August 31. Though they have already met, it is not too late to join. The Book club meets right after school in the library bimonthly to discuss and chat about the book they are reading. Once a member of Book Club, members can’t miss more than two meetings or you have to wait until their next genre to join again. They read the book at their own pace and when they meet they catch up with where everyone else is. Their next meeting is on Tuesday, September 28. Talk to Mrs. Christopher in the library one day after school for more information about joining the club. 

At our first meeting we chose what book we will be reading from our first genre which is horror. We chose the book Ten by Gretchen McNeil which is a book inspired by the famous author Agatha Christie’s book, And Then There Were None. Ten is a book about high schoolers going to a party when, what starts as a funny message, becomes sinister. It’s up to the main character, Meg, to discover who played the sinister message before more people die. Each time we finish a book we have a new genre to read from and get a new list of books to choose from. 

“I’m extremely excited to start the book club this year because I’m looking forward to working with the students and getting their perspective on books that they are interested in. I want them to be excited about what they’re reading and have more choices in what they choose to read.” -Mrs Christopher

This is my first year doing Book Club and I’m very excited. Matti Cook is their president and Heidi Seiberlich is our secretary. Not only do they get to read, Book Club also gives us an opportunity to meet new people. One of my favorite things to do is read and if anyone else likes to read as well, Book Club is definitely something you should check out.