Football Homecoming 2021

Potosi Idol Judges and Finalists: Mrs. Papin, Audrey Neel, Mr. Mueller, Chasse Glore (3rd place), Jaidlynn Gaines (1st place), Tucker Juliette (2nd place), Aaleeya Benson, Robert Price, and Mrs. Lewis
Tuesday “We Rep the Red, White, and Blues better than the Rebels”. (Staring from left) Michelle Whitaker, Chelbi Poucher, Matti Cook, Carly Hampton, Hailey Fowler.
Juniors- 4th place (Photographer: LeeAnna Pashea)
Freshman- 2nd place (Photographer: LeeAnna Pashea)
Sophomores – 1st place (Photographer: LeeAnna Pashea)
Seniors- 3rd place (Photographer: LeeAnna Pashea)
Tuesday: “We Rep the Red, White, and Blue better than the Rebels”. Students dress in patriotic colors.
Wednesday: “The Trojan team is rad like a dad”. Wear a jersey
Wednesday “The Trojan Team is Rad like a Dad”. Students dress like a dad (starting from left) Superintendent Alex Mccaul, Anita Mccaul, Madeline Bradley, Matt Bradley.
Thursday, “Kicking the Rebels Back into the Past” Students dress in mismatch or like the past
Chase Glore (left) Desirae Ross (right) dress in mismatch and like the past on Thursday.

Freshman and Seniors vs Sophomores and Juniors ended with a 14-14 tie during powderpuff