Thyroid Awareness Night


Jade Williams, Reporter

On Thursday, September 30, the PHS Lady Trojan volleyball team had a thyroid awareness night for senior Carley Hampton who suffered from thyroid and lymph node cancer.  About two years ago Carley was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and proceeded to have surgery during her sophomore year. Just after 3 days of having surgery, she was back at practice working harder every day. 


The girls showed awareness by having matching shirts with colors ( purple and teal) that represented thyroid awareness. Between the JV and Varsity game, Judy McCaul spoke a few words about Carley’s past. “She is certainly a survivor and a trooper. She is like one of my daughters and I love her hard work and dedication. ”


The PHS Lady Trojans, unfortunately, lost the match it was definitely a night to remember for everyone in the community.