PHS Cross Country Goes To State


Olivia Sansegraw

On November 6, the PHS Cross Country team traveled 2 hours to Gans Creek, Columbia, to compete in the state championship meet. They were sent off early that morning with a police escort and very many proud fans.


At the state meet, there were a total of 5 classes, with PHS being in the 3rd class. Each class contained between 160 to 170 runners for boys and girls. All state medals were given to the top 25 runners and plaques were given to the top 3 teams. Girls team placed 5th and the boys team placed 13th. Even though PHS didn’t bring home any state medals or plaques, they did have a lot of new personal records and a couple of runners who barely missed a place.


After state, the team went and ate at Chick-fil-A. Spent 2 hours at Sky Zone, then ended the day by going back to the hotel and swimming.