PHS Choir Kids Amaze Us Again!


Pictured from left to right: Seth Wright, Tucker Juliette, (Director) Mrs. Emily Lewis, Chase Glore and Audrey Neel.

This year was a big year for the Potosi choir history books. On September 20, there were eleven Potosi choir members that made the All-District choir. Eight of those eleven scored in the top 20 scores of their section to qualify for auditioning for the All-State Choir. Sending eight students was a big deal knowing that last year Mrs. Lewis had only sent one. 


The Potosi choir was not ready for the history that was about to be made. The qualifiers had to wait until after the All-District choir concert, November 20, to find out the results. With all the nerves the results were ready to be shared, the names were announced for the All-State choir and four students from Potosi were selected! Only 16 singers are chosen from the District to be a part of the All-State Choir and 4 were from Potosi! This means that 25% of the state choir was from Potosi alone! Your PHS All-State choir is Chase Glore (senior), Audrey Neel (junior), Seth Wright (senior), and Tucker Juliette (senior). “Which has never happened before,” stated Lewis. 


The work and heart that these students put in paid off in the long run. “I was very doubtful and nervous that I wasn’t gonna make it, but when they said my name I knew that my hard work for two months had paid off,” junior Audrey Neel said. 


During the All-State Choir event, the PHS choir broke 3 different records:

  1. Four students made the All-State Choir (their previous record was one) 
  2. Chase Glore scored the highest score out of all 20 who auditioned and will compete in the State Sight Singing bee in January
  3. Glore has the first perfect Choral record for All-District and All-State (he made All-District four years in a row and All-State 2 years in a row)


Glore said, “I’ve been waiting for this day almost my entire life. It feels crazy that it has gone by so fast. It doesn’t seem real.”  Not only is this history for Glore, but Glore is the first in PHS choir history to be so accomplished. 


Seniors Tucker Juliette and Seth Wright have also come a long way to get to where they are. Before the performance, Wright was singing the wrong part. “ As soon as I heard the music I knew something was very wrong. The notes were higher than usual and I sounded a little off-key,” Wright commented. He then fixed his mistake and sang the right part and it sounded much better. Juliette has been in choir most of his life. He was very grateful when he was announced as an All-State qualifier. “I am so grateful for the choir and especially Mrs. Lewis for all she has done in my high school career.”


In January, the choir will perform for the MMEA and compete with other school choirs. They will soon receive their music, and they will work even harder because the music for this conference is much harder. They will perform in front of other schools in either ensemble (small group) or solos. This is a big accomplishment and a very big opportunity for these students.


All-State Choir Members


Chase Glore-Bass

Tucker Juliette-Bass

Audrey Neel- Alto

Seth Wright-Tenor


All-State Auditioners

  • Kalie Thompson- Soprano
  • Audrey Neel- Alto
  • Seth Wright- Tenor
  • Robby Wells- Tenor
  • Tucker Juliette- Bass
  • Chase Glore- Bass
  • Luke Bequette- Bass
  • Wyatt Knapp- Bass

All-District Members


Kalie Thompson- Soprano

Bella Difiori- Alto

Audrey Neel- Alto

Noelle Porter- Alto

Seth Wright- Tenor

Seth Greenwood- Tenor

Robby Wells- Tenor

Wyatt Knapp- Bass

Luke Bequette- Bass

Chase Glore- Bass

Tucker Juliette- Bass