3 Christmas Crafts to Make


Jaiden McDonough

         As a little girl I had a very creative mind. I loved doing many different crafts. Everytime I would wake up and go to school I wanted to make things and piece them together. I remember always asking my mom to get me art supplies and asking my first grade teacher Mrs. Alan when we were going to color. Ever since then I still today do many different art projects on my own. I loved when we did a snow globe craft in my first grade class. It was such a fun experience as a child. I remember bringing it home and watching it glimmer in the light and it filled me up with joy. I immediately got into my Christmas spirit that year! Hopefully you will as well when you try these Christmas crafts! 

  • Snow Globes 

This is a fun craft to make with your family! It is very easy to make and put together and it is something you can do if you get bored over Christmas break and need something to do.  

How to make: Get a mason jar, add cold water into the jar, add a few drops of glycerin to the water, then put some sparkly glitter or whatever you would like in your snow globe, then some fake snow that can go into water, and screw the lid back on and your done! 

  • Glitter Ornaments  

Another easy Christmas craft to make! It is simple but it will add a pop of color to your Christmas tree and as a family it can be very sentimental. 

How to make: Go to the store and buy clear ornaments and some glitter. All you do is add the glitter into the ornament and I recommend using some sort of funnel that way glitter doesn’t get everywhere. If you want to add water to it you can but if not then it is still pretty either way! 

  • DIY Stockings 

The kids will love this craft! It gets them engaged and excited for Christmas. Stockings are a part of Christmas so having the family make their own is a good way to have family bonding time! 

How to make: Go to the store and buy stockings unless you already have them or you can use a cute winter glove as well. Get some felt and scissors to cut the felt to your desired shapes. You can cut out snowflakes or an initial to glue onto the stocking. If you want to add glitter take the glue and put it on the felt and sprinkle the glitter onto it. Wait for it to dry and you are done!