Lady Trojans for the win!


Jade williams, Reporter

On Monday, December 13 the PHS varsity basketball team traveled to bismarck. With only a varsity game the game was moved up to the usual JV game start. Between their warmups and the game, the girls felt confident about playing with their opponent. At the beginning of the game, it was slow. The girls weren’t playing their game and they knew it. Passes were being lobed around, we were fouling left and right, and shots weren’t falling. After the first quarter, the score was only 14-7 Potosi. The girls were disappointed with how they were playing but they knew they could come back and play their best.

During the huddle, coach Allie Golden was constantly reminding the girls to play their game and that they can do it. After the minute was up the girls hustled back to the court to finish what they started. Once the girls got back out there they started doing what they knew how to do. They were finishing shots, making lay-ups, and running the right plays, just overall playing their game. Towards the 3rd quarter Senior Carley Hampton managed to make 7 3’s in a row for the Lady Trojans.

The record for the most 3’s in a game was 7 and Hampton had already tied the record without her knowing it. With our other girls on the court, the original starters were eager to get Hampton back out there to beat the record. Golden finally made her mind and let Hampton sub in for one of our players. Her first take was close but it bounced right off the rim. With only a minute to go the girls were running their playing trying to get it to Hampton. 

As Hampton took her position and shot the ball everyone froze, then the ball went in and everyone was cheering, jumping, and screaming for Hampton. With a big smile on her face, she was now the record holder for the most 3’s in a game. “I didn’t even know I was that close to the school’s record,” Hampton said. The girls won the game with a score of 71-28. This game was one to remember for the PHS Lady Trojans.