Not Just A “Waterboy”


Jade williams and Milasia Khanthavixay

The players and coaches aren’t always the ones working on the court. Besides those two roles, you may also see someone in the corner recording or a person sitting along the bench holding a book and pencil. What they do on and off the court is just as important. They keep track of who scores, how many points they have and keep stats for each player on the team. As team managers, they have a lot on their plate. Senior, Milasia Khanthavixay is the manager for the PHS’ boys basketball team, while junior, Jade Williams, is the manager for the PHS’ girls basketball team. 


Milasia Khanthavixay, PHS Boys Basketball Manager

I have only been managing the team for this year, but went to practice and ran the clock last year to get my hours for the A-Plus program. Coach Jackson Conaway had asked me to be the manager for the team last year because they haven’t had a manager for years. I told him I didn’t know if I could since I was a cheerleader. He said, “Okay. Just let me know, I would love for you to be my manager.”

The next year rolled around and I made the cheer team. I still wanted to be the manager of Coach Conaway’s team so I tried juggling between the two teams. A month into practices of cheer, I quit. I wasn’t into the sport anymore and formed a great bond with the boys. I would rather be at the boys’ practices than my own. I haven’t missed any of their practices nor games. I gave them my full attention and became a part of the boy’s basketball team because I fell in love doing the book and being around them. It fulfilled my happiness and I wished I had done it earlier. 

I still love yelling and cheering, even if it’s from a different sideline. No matter how much hassle the boys give me, I will always be there for everyone, even after I graduate. 


Jade Williams, PHS Girls Basketball Manager

I have been managing the girl’s basketball team since my 8th-grade year. I love being with my girls, who are like my family. Coach Allie Golden has constantly asked me to play but I feel that I am better off on the sidelines. It has made me a happier person being on the bench cheering on my team. 

As the manager, I keep track of fouls, free throws, offensive boards, wide-open shots, and face-cuts throughout the game. I will say I get distracted and get very into the game but I always will write down anything I can to keep the girl’s stats statistically correct. I‘ve been to most practices running clock, and I am always by Coach Golden’s side helping her keep her cool and to keep her updated on the game.

Since it’s my off-season I still want to be involved in some type of sport. With some softball and volleyball girls, I have all my family around me.  These bonds have definitely made me a better person. Once I am out of school, I will never forget the bonds and memories I have created.


Jade and Milasia

Managing isn’t just a side job but it’s like being on the team. They say the manager is always the annoying one or the “waterboy” of the team but the coaches have never made the girls feel any different. They never gave a reason for them to feel less than the players. Although we feel they should be thanking us, we would like to thank them for all that they do for us.