Tips For Singles On Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is typically a day where many people in relationships receive gifts or go out to a fancy restaurant or something lovey-dovey. That’s sweet and all, but many people aren’t as fortunate to have those types of relationships. Whether you have this relationship and want to spend the day alone, or don’t have the relationship at all, here are a few tips for when you’re single or alone on Valentine’s day.


Have a Self Care Day

Having a self-care day is very important no matter what kind of week you’re having. It’s important to take care of yourself and have a reminder that no matter what, you still have yourself. Write down a list of things you want to do and buy what you need for it. Maybe get your nails done or want to go out to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You can also run to your closest store and buy some of your favorite snacks, drinks or skin products and stay in and watch your favorite movie.


Go Out With Friends

Maybe some of your friends also don’t have any plans and are looking for something to do. Text or call some and get a group together and go out or stay in. Cook dinner, go out, have a spa day, play games, etc. If you don’t have a group to hang with, invite someone you might want to catch up with or a friend you’d like to get closer with.


Buy Yourself or Friends Gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolates or flowers … even if they are from yourself. While you might be out and about, buy a friend some gifts or even yourself. Find some of your friend’s favorite snacks, self care products, maybe even make something personal for them. You can also buy some of your favorite products to have that self-care day. Not only can this make your own day but also might make theirs. 


Start Something You’ve Been Putting Off

If you’ve had a really bad week and are just dreading Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something you’ve been putting off. Maybe you’ve been too busy or just wanted to wait for the right time to do it. Some things may include cleaning, because who doesn’t love a clean space, cooking one of your favorite meals, starting a new TV show or movie series, starting a new book, etc. 


Unplug from Social Media

While Valentine’s Day can be cute, you may start to feel alone or badly about yourself looking at every relationship on your social media. Not only does it give you an unrealistic perception of how relationships really are, it may make you start to feel sad or lonely. So while you have this free day to yourself, log off your social media accounts and maybe go somewhere you’ve wanted to check out. Some places you could check out are book stores, thrift shops, museums, parks, restaurants, cafes, etc. Maybe take a camera out and capture some nice moments while you’re checking out these places.