Robotcs bring home 4th place!


Jade williams and Lani Elder

     On January 29, the PHS robotics team competed in Troy, Missouri against 39 other robotics teams. In the qualifying round, they placed 2nd  while the whole team placed 4th overall out of the other 39 schools. During the competition, they competed in a total of 5 events.

     The team split up into teams during the competition. The first team was William Henson, Wyatt Mercer, and Josh Hawkins. This team was undefeated and they came in 2nd. The second team was Dalton Goodson, Tucker Lawson, Jordan Sparks, and Tobie McClurg they finished in 4th, losing in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Mr. Fulton said, “During the competition aside from fixing, maintaining, and competing with their robot teams, they also scout other teams to know who makes a good teammate and what strategies to use in different match situations.” 

     Senior William Henson said, “It’s more than just following instructions and putting something together. Robotics is more complicated than that; it’s about problem-solving and making things better.” 

      The PHS Robotics team completed their competition season at this event.