PHS Music Represents at District Solos and Ensembles


Chase Glore, Editor

On Saturday, March 5, the Potosi Music Department traveled to the Solos and Ensembles festival at Hillsboro High School. The choir and band attends this annual festival to be judged on challenging music pieces of their choosing. They are rated on a scoring system one through five, one being the very best. These ratings are also known as Exemplary (1), Outstanding (2), Satisfactory (3), Developing (4) and Unsatisfactory (5). The festival at Hillsboro was at the district level, and in order to move onto the state round the group or solo must receive the highest rating of Exemplary. This is a difficult task, yet Potosi still has many events going to the state competition! The Potosi Choir received an Exemplary rating on every event that they took this year, allowing all four choir events to move onto the next round. Out of 34 events from Potosi that competed, 10 events are moving onto the final state round. 

The following are moving onto the State Solo and Ensemble Festival-


-Alto vocal solo- Audrey Neel 

-Bass vocal solo- Chase Glore

-Soprano vocal solo- Kalie Thompson

-Potosi Mixed Double Quartet- Kalie Thompson, Audrey Neel, Aimee Radford, Hannah Barron, Chase Glore, Seth Wright, Tucker Juliette, Wyatt Knapp


-Trumpet solo- Brandilyn Compton

-Percussion Solo- Odie Jackson

-Potosi Mallet Quartet- Odie Jackson, Lillian Coleman, Olivia Manning, Sarabeth Thurman

-Potosi Saxophone Trio- Chase Glore, Aimee Radford, David Caroama

-Trombone Solo– Trinity Huffman

-Baritone Solo- Trinity Huffman

 The state competition will be hosted at Mizzou at the end of April.