The Lady Trojans Goals for the season


Lani Elder , Reporter

This spring, I will be a part of the Lady Trojan softball team. I am very excited to see what the future may hold for this great group of ball players. We always have a great time at practice but we get down to business when it is time to learn and get better. Personally, I am very close with each of my teammates, and it’s so cool to get to play the sport that I love so much with the girls that I have grown up with over the past few years.

 As excited as I am, I admit I’m a little nervous.The team has been so successful throughout the past few years. I have some very big shoes to fill. As a freshman who has never played school softball before, the transition from my traveling softball team in St.Louis to the high school softball team will be tough, but it will help me learn new things from new people along the way. It is very exciting to work for something for years and now it is here. 

Being able to play alongside athletes that I look up to is also such an amazing experience. One of those very important people is Sami Huck. Her determination and dedication to the game drives everyone on the team to dedicate themselves as well. It’s an honor to get to play with her this year. 

Sami said, “Some goals for the team that I hope we accomplish are of course going to State again and winning, but before we do that go undefeated all year which I know we can do. I also want to have as much fun as possible this year and make memories that will last forever.” 

Sami went on to say, “Some goals for myself are to be a great teammate and to lead the team to a state championship. I can’t do it by myself, so I know that the whole team will come together and back me up in every aspect of the game. I am excited to see that happen this year!”

Last year the softball team was second in Conference, District Champions, and they placed second in the State. This year we have a new coaching staff that is very excited for the opportunity to do great things this year as well. Our head coach is Mrs.Mariah Coleman and our assistant coach is Mrs.Heather Riddle. We will kick off our season on March 18 in Jonesboro,  Arkansas at the Brookland Bearcat Blast tournament. Our first goal for the season is to come home with the gold in our bracket at the Brookland Bearcat Blast tournament.

  Our team goals going into the season…

  1. Have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. Be good teammates to one another and make each other better by supporting one another. 
  3. Bring home the gold in the Brookland Bearcat Blast tournament
  4. Have an undefeated season and get first in our conference. 
  5. Win a district championship 
  6. Advance to State and win a State Championship 

These goals are more than accomplishable and with great teamwork and dedication to the game we all love this team has so many opportunities. The Lady Trojans are pumped to start the season and enjoy it to the fullest.