PHS Baseball and Their Upcoming Season

Layla Juliette, Reporter

This year the PHS baseball team and Coach McCoy are excited for their upcoming season and all the good memories they are going to make. There have been a few new changes to the team which involve new players, a new starting lineup, and enough players to have a JV team. 


This year a few new players have joined the baseball team. Those players are Senior Gavin Pinson, Junior Zach Portell, and Sophomore Zack Lyons. The upperclassmen who are on the baseball team are also welcoming the 8 new freshman players to the team. 


As far as the JV team goes they ended up having enough players to have both a JV and Varsity team. PHS had a jamboree on March 14. PHS played the Central Rebels and the West County Bulldogs. PHS won against the Central Rebels with the score of 4-2.  The West County Bulldogs defeated PHS with a score of 7-2. 


The PHS baseball team will play this Saturday, March 19 at the Cape Central High School.