2022-23 Color Guard Team

2022-23 Color Guard Team

The new 2022-2023 color guard members are: 

Chloe Merseal 

Jaiden McDonough 

June Sandeburg 

Kali Cain 

Katie Wader 

Khylee Luther 

Lindsay Bourbon 

Liz Lessner 

McKenzie McCormack 

This year’s captain is Miles Johnson 

Congratulations to everyone who made the team! You all worked hard and did your best. Good luck this season! There will be a first practice on March 31st from 5-7pm. Color Guard is also doing a fundraiser to get new equipment for the upcoming season like flag poles, silks, show rifles, and uniforms. For the fundraiser you can pick a day to sponsor and pay the amount of money it says on that day. The fundraiser will start April 1st and end the 30th.