Hillsboro Co-Ed Track Meet


McKayla Randall, Reporter

The Potosi High School varsity track team participated in the Hillsboro Co-Ed relay meet on March 22, 2022. The Trojans placed second overall as a team, beating St. Pius and Arcadia Valley, but losing to Hillsboro.

This Track meet was very unique. Runners, throwers and jumpers placed in groups not individually. It was also a Co-Ed competition. Here are some results from the meet. In the 4 by 100 meter hurdles the Trojans got second overall. In the 4 by 100 meter relay the team got third overall. In the 4 by 200 meter the team placed second overall. In the 800 meter sprint medley the team placed first overall. In the 4 by 400 meter relay the team placed third overall. In the sprint medley relay the team placed third overall. In the 4 by 800 meter relay the team placed second overall. In the distance medley relay the team placed second overall. In high jump Brandon Santiago placed second. Luke Brabham placed fourth. Carter Whitley placed seventh. Ava Robart placed tenth, and Lauryn Reed placed fourteenth. In long jump Jaden Kanan placed second. Carson Saunders placed fifth. Gage Mosier placed eighth. Luke Brabham placed ninth. Michael Wolfe placed twelfth. Jake Phares placed fifteenth. Samyia McCloud placed nineteenth. Mckayla Randall placed twentieth. Kya Gibson placed twenty-seventh. Ava Robart placed twenty-eighth, and Noelle Porter placed thirtieth. In pole vault Brady Williams placed sixth, and Kaydence Gibson placed seventh. In the triple jump Carson Saunders placed third. Micheal Wolfe placed sixth. Seth Greenwood placed eighth. McKenna Randall placed tenth, and McKayla Randall placed eleventh. Kya Gibson placed thirteenth, and Noelle Porter placed eighteenth. 

Last but certainly not least, here are the results for the throwers. In discus, Nathaniel Robbenson Placed 4th, Robert Mayfield Placed 5th, Kalie Thompson Placed 6th, Michael Chavosky placed 13th, Koltin Boyer placed 15th, Magnum McCormack Placed 16th, Nora Henry placed 19th, Devon Harbison Placed 24th, Aubree Willson Placed 26th, Jocelyn Isgriggs placed 27th, Hope Miner placed 28th, and Hannah Barron Placed 31st. In Javelin Robert Mayfield placed 5th, Nathaniel Robinson placed 6th, Brady Williams placed 9th, Devon Harbison placed 12th, Magnum McCormack placed 13th,Crockett Griffin placed 14th, Nora Henry placed 15th, Hope Miner placed 16th, Kalie Thompson placed 18th, Jocelynn Isgriggs placed 19th, Aubree Wilson placed 21st, and Hannah Barron Placed 23rd.

In shot put Nathaniel Robinson placed fourth. Robert Mayfield placed fifth. Nora Henry placed thirteenth. Tyler Hogan placed fifteenth. Michael Chavosky placed sixteenth. Magnum McCormack placed nineteenth. Aubree Wilson placed twenty-third. Koltin Boyer placed twenty-fourth. Kalie Thompson placed twenty-eighth. Crockett Griffin placed thirtieth, and Jocelyn Isgriggs placed thirty-first. 

Annie Mcaul said, “I’m excited for the season and we 

are starting off great.”

The next Varsity meet is Friday, March 25 at 2:30 at Park Hills, Central.