Band and Choir State Solos and Ensembles


Heidi Seiberlich

On April 29, Potosi High School held a send-off for the band and choir. The band and choir traveled to Mizzou and competed in the MO State Solos and Ensembles on April 30. The following students qualified for state back in March. From the choir are Audrey Neel, Chase Glore, Kalie Thompson, Aimee Radford, Hannah Barron, Seth Wright, Tucker Juliette, and Wyatt Knapp. The following attending from the band is Brandilyn Compton, Odie Jackson, Lillian Coleman, Olivia Manning, Sarabeth Thurman, Chase Glore, Aimee Radford, David Caroama, and Trinity Huffman.


Chase Glore, Aimee Radford, and David Caroama received a gold rating on their saxophone trio. Trinity Huffman received a silver rating for a trombone and euphonium solo, Brandi Compton received silver for her trumpet solo, Odie Jackson received silver for his trumpet solo, and Odie Jackson, Olivia Manning, Lillian Coleman, and Sarabeth Thurman received silver for their mallet quartet.


Audrey Neel, Kalie Thompson, Hannah Barron, Aimee Radford, Tucker Juliette, Wyatt Knapp, Seth Wright, and Chase Glore received a bronze from their mixed double quartet. Chase Glore also won gold for his solo. Kalie Thompson and Audrey Neel both received silver for their solos.