Football Homecoming Spirit Week at PHS


Spirit Day Themes

Kaitlin Lester, Reporter

Potosi High School is celebrating the homecoming football game the week of Sep. 19-23 with activities such as spirit days, a parade, and a casual dance after the game. 

Monday’s spirit day is “Trojan Homecoming is Where Dreams Come True,” students will wear pajamas. Tuesday is “Hakuna Matata Means No Worries About Beating the Blackcats.” Students will show off their safari wear. On Wednesday, “Wreck It Ralph: The Trojans are Going to Wreck the Blackcats,” students will dress up in favorite video game or anime clothes. Thursday features “Monsters University: The Trojans are Going to School the Blackcats.” Students will wear their favorite college wear. Friday is “Super Spirit, Rock.” Trojans will wear purple and gold.

If students don’t have any ideas on how to dress up, Junior Paige West offered a tip, “For video game day, I’m going to dress up Q*bert from my favorite video game.”

“I think that everyone should show their school spirit by dressing up and having fun with the different days,” Sophomore Mya Blair said.