College Application Week going on at PHS


What’s going on each day of the week.

Kaitlin Lester and Tayler Rayfield

Potosi High School will be hosting College Application Week Oct. 17-20. College Application Week is a way for students to complete necessary college requirements in a way that is fun. 

Monday, Oct. 17,  Miss Emilie Gray will be holding a  Federal Student Aid ID workshop all day taking place in the counselor’s office. This will help seniors get their IDs and passwords completed for the Free Application for Student Aid meeting,Tuesday, Oct. 18.  

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, during the school day there will be a college colors day. After school from 4-6 p.m there will be a FAFSA Frenzy meeting. This is specific to seniors, they will need to have their FSA ID and password, copy of 2021 tax returns, social security numbers, birthdates, marriage/divorce/separation dates, current values on investments, (excluding home and retirement plans) current cash,checking and saving account balances.

Wednesday, Oct. 19, there will be a brunch in the computer lab. Students may eat, apply to colleges and apply for scholarships. Students who attend will earn extra entries for a prize. 

Thursday, Oct. 20, the day the week has been leading up to is Career Mountain Day. Career Mountain Day is a day in PHS where students will go to their Trojan Time and spend time taking care of graduation requirements, from 8-1 p.m.  Students will also have an hour in the gym for a College/Career Fair. There will be 60 plus colleges, local businesses, military, and job centers that they will choose from. 

There will be guests from the Health Services, Arts Communication, Business Management and Technology, Natural Resource Agriculture, Human Services, and Industrial Engineering Technology.

“Career Mountain Day will be good for everyone in the school. Even those who don’t plan to go to college to network, to connect with people to get jobs,” Miss Emilie Gray said.

During the College/Career Fair, in the gym, students will get an index card that will have all the career paths listed. They will then get a signature on the card for each different career path table they go to. There will be bonus options to complete on the card such as signing up to tour campus, signing up for a job shadowing, and or applying for a job if they are hiring. After completing the card the students will then put their card into the drawing box to possibly win a prize. 

“The people who complete a table of each section will be entered in a drawing for prizes. Students who do the bonus parts will be entered into a drawing with extra prizes,” Mrs. Kristie Gray said.

Thursday, after the early dismissal at 1 p.m there will be parent teacher conferences. These will continue taking place Friday. Guardians are encouraged to attend, talk and ask questions with teachers and counselors. They are welcome to ask any questions they might have about college.