Play with A Jupiter Brand Instrument

Lillian Portell, Repoter

As most parents of beginning band students know, instruments are an expensive investment. Jupiter Instruments are greater than the competitors because:

  • Good for beginners 
  • Better materials for instruments 
  • Cheaper than some instruments 
  • Better performance
  • Long-lasting 

I am really impressed by how long my Jupiter trombone has lasted through the five years I have had it. I have tried other brands such as Yamaha and Shivelbine and by far Jupiter is a lot better than both.  

The Jupiter brand comes with: 

  • Instrument case
  • Mouthpiece/ reed
  • Cleaning package
  • Instrument 
  • Stand/ music 

A lot of other brands don’t come with the cleaning supplies, stand, music, or mouthpiece, so I was surprised when I got the whole package. They also can cost around $1,000 (with the cleaning supplies) for a beginner which is actually quite surprising for the Jupiter brand. I do recommend this brand to people who want to play on a professional level or want to be a professional player but for me moving on with my career I will definitely be using this brand a lot.