Canon Photo Printer Review


Mya Blair, Reporter

If you buy the Canon Photo Printer, say goodbye to the inconvenience of having to go to the store to print out pictures and having to wait over 30 minutes for them to print. For $139.99 you can print off any pictures you want. The Canon Photo Printer has many benefits such as…

  • Users can print photos from the comfort of their own home
  • It comes with its own wifi so you can print even when you don’t have wifi
  • Users can print pictures off of their phone

How you could use this product:

You could use this product to print some sentimental photos off of your phone. You can also use this to print off some photos to hang up or put in a frame. Some people like to have photo collages up on their walls and this prints out the perfect size photos for that. 

Competing Product:

A product I would compare this product to is the Canon mini photo printer. The Canon mini is smaller and more compact and it also costs less. But the Canon mini printer prints smaller photos so it doesn’t have the same uses as the larger Canon printer. 

Who should get this product:

I would recommend someone to buy this product if they love photography. I would also recommend this product to most teenagers. The reason I would recommend this product to teenagers is because I have seen a lot of teenagers make photo collage walls and having this printer has made that be a fraction of the price. 

My recommendation: 

I recommend this product because it has been so handy to have, over the summer I decided to start a scrapbook with a few of my friends and having my photo printer has made it so much easier to print off pictures. Another reason I would recommend this product is because my little sister redecorated her room for her birthday and she used this Canon Photo Printer to make a collage wall, and it never ran out of ink while she was printing out her photos. This product also came with two restocks of ink and extra film for the pictures. 

Why I recommend it:

I recommend this product because I know that it made things more convenient for me so I know there’s somebody else out there who it would make things a lot more convenient for. I think this product has many more uses that somebody else could find and I rate it five stars.