Potosi Pep Band is back

Cassidy Price, Reporter

PHS’s Pep Band will perform at this year’s first home basketball game on Tuesday, December 6. The band will be playing from the beginning of December to the end of February. 

Pep band is one of the well-liked parts of being in a band. A lot of band kids get really excited for pep band season. Violet Pratte said, “I love to play all the well known songs and do it with some of my closest friends like Jordan.”

The Potosi Pep band plays fun and catchy songs at every home basketball game. The band plays before the game starts while the teams are warming up, during halftime, and they always play the fight song after the game to congratulate the team. 

This is the schedule for this year’s basketball games.

Date Opponent
Dec. 6th (Tues.) West County 
Dec. 9th (Fri.) St. Clair
Dec. 12th (Mon.) Bismarck
Dec. 13th (Tues.) DeSoto
Dec. 15th (Thurs.) Owensville & Valle Catholic
Dec. 20th (Tues.) Lesterville
Jan. 6th (Fri.) Farmington
Jan. 9th (Mon.) Hillsboro
Jan. 12th (Thurs.) Central
Jan. 13th (Fri.) Central
Jan. 17th (Tues.) Valley Caledonia
Jan. 26th (Thurs.) North County
Feb. 16th (Thurs.) Arcadia Valley
Feb. 22nd (Wed.) Union