First ever Wrestling assembly at PHS


Tayler Rayfield, Reporter

On Wednesday, December 7 at 1:30, students at Potosi High School will have a chance to watch the Potosi Trojans wrestling team take on the Central Rebels in a live wrestling match. For many PHS students, this will be the first high school wrestling match they have ever watched in person. Students will watch around 12 matches. 

“I’m pretty excited to see how they react with the whole school being there to watch,” Coach Huddleston said. 

For numerous of our wrestlers this will be their first time performing in front of the student body. Our PHS wrestling team is not used to anything more than family members attending their matches. 

“I’m very nervous about it just because everyone will be watching but also excited that we will get to show everyone what wrestling is really like and how hard it can be,” Freshman Alexis  Missey.