How to Maintain a Dogs Health


Hannah Frazier, Reporter

 As Christmas is right around the corner many teenagers start to put together a list for Santa. Some of us may be thinking something bigger with more excitement like a puppy. Every year during the holidays pets are bought as gifts or more specifically puppies. Not knowing the weight that they may carry you put them at the top of your list anyways for the joy that they may bring.  After the holiday delight wears off you start to get exhausted because you realize that a dog is not just a christmas gift instead it’s a wonderful friend full of responsibilities. Around 10% of animals are returned each year after the holiday season. Not knowing how to properly take care of a dog or how to maintain one can be a big part of why you may want to return it.

 Keeping up with a pet can be stressful. Therefore it’s always important to know the five main factors of keeping up with a dog: dieting, exercise, grooming, handling, and housing. 

It’s important to know what food is good for your dog depending on their breed and their size. Picking out the wrong dog food can cause many problems for a puppy.

Giving your puppy the right amount of exercise each day will help their diet as well as keeping your puppy in shape. A good starting point for your puppy’s exercise is at least 5 minutes of exercise twice a day, for each month of age. 

With the proper amount of grooming your pet will be able to avoid shedding, fleas, ticks, and many health conditions. 

Handling your dog is a big part of building a trusted bond with them as well as teaching them patients and calmness.

Housing a puppy is very challenging when trying to housebreak them. Having a dog house in place when letting your dog out will make them feel safe and protected when you let outside. It’s also an important factor during the hot summer days. Dogs should have a place to get out of the direct sun. it’s beneficial for their health and their overall well being. 

Puppies are amazing pets with big personalities. A puppy needs a lot of time out of the day. That’s why it’s important to take into consideration the responsibilities of having a pet before putting  them at the very top of your wish list.