Letters from Santa


Mya Blair, Reporter

In Mrs.Kay’s college Comp IV class, PHS students had the opportunity to return letters from Santa to kids of all ages. The letters came from towns nearby like Desoto, Desloge, Park Hills, and Bonne Terre. The students wrote letters back to the kids as if they were Santa. Each child that wrote their letters to Santa had to fill out a paper. On the paper the kids filled out their name, how they have been, what they have learned, where they live, and what they wished for. The parents also had to fill out a letter. On the parent letter it had what their kid accomplished this year, their hobbies, if they have siblings, and if they were worried about their kids not getting anything for christmas. 

The letter Gracie Lawson was responding to indicated that the parents were afraid Santa would not be able to visit this year. Gracie decided that she wanted to go out and buy this child a Christmas present, a birthday present, and she even bought his younger siblings presents. 

Gracie said, “I just wanted them to be happy. And it also made me sad thinking about the fact that they might not wake up to presents on Christmas.” 

Mrs. Kay, the organizer of both letter writing activities said that she was happy with the positive response from all of her students, and she is looking forward to making this an annual tradition.