Mr. Pullins Makes Everyone Understand

Mr. Pullins Makes Everyone Understand

Lillian Portell, Repoter

A lot of the teachers at PHS have their own way of teaching, but I have seen people always struggle no matter if the teacher did it a certain way or if they have their own way of doing it. To me, there is always that one teacher that can do it in a way everyone can understand and that is government teacher Mr. Pullins 

I have always seen people struggle in government or history. But he made a way where all students could understand everything in their own way. As soon as people stepped into his class it was like everyone could tell this was going to be an easy year. The way he teaches is very interactive. He engages with the content and helps his students visualize the material. It’s not all paper and pencil every day: it’s going into his class knowing there’s going to be some sort of activity. We won’t put our heads down and try to sleep in boredom.

“I think Pullins will push you to do your best and make sure you understand it no matter what,” said junior Allison Missey. No matter how hard or how difficult people think it is Pullins has and always will push people to do their very best even if they have missed a day of school or even a week. He will always push his students to do their best and to do what they believe in no matter what.

Junior Angel Martinez said, “Pullins is very good at explaining things in a way that everyone understands it. Another very good thing about him is that he cares about every individual one of his students.” 

Mr. Pullins has a very good understanding of each and every one of his students he will get to know every one of them individually because he cares so much about the student’s health mentally and physically. If a student is having a problem, he will sit there and listen even if it bores him. He just wants the best for all his students.