Mrs Bernhardt Makes Learning Fun for PHS Students

Mrs Bernhardt Makes Learning Fun for PHS Students

Myla Blair, Reporter

We all know that health probably isn’t the easiest class. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable learning about bodily functions and human anatomy. However Mrs. Bernhardt makes it as non weird as possible. So I decided to ask “How does Mrs. Bernhardt make learning fun?” 

Scarlett Pinson said, “Mrs. Bernhardt is just a fun person to be around that makes her a good teacher to have and certainly to teach health. She is always engaging with her students in test review games and teaching in several ways and making sure everyone in the room understands.” I have seemed to understand that the freshman I have spoken to understand best by doing. This goes along with a review game Pop Four Corners. Typically when you walk into the classroom during this game it is loud and pure chaos but we don’t feel as if we are learning even though we are. 

Mrs. Bernhardt makes an impact on so many students and engages with us. She understands that sometimes high school students may just need a break. She always is having us do fun activities and projects that maybe some teachers would say is “too elementary like.” 

Carley Coleman said, “Mrs. Bernhardt always wants the best for us and isn’t really a grade centered teacher she understands that our mental health comes first. Mrs. Bernhardt’s class is easier than most because she engages with us and is hands on whether that is physically showing us what to do or being on the floor while we are playing fun review games.” 

With teaching high school the kids have a lot going on grades, sports, applying for collage, or jobs after high school, and a lot of us have jobs and prior commitments after school that we have to fulfill. It seems that Mrs. Bernhardt understands that and doesn’t pile too much on us at one time. She makes sure we are taken care of mentally and at school as well. 

Shannon Riddle said, “Mrs. Bernhardt always wants to make learning fun and she knows what high school was like and always wants it better for us than what she had. She also understands that sometimes we never want to work out of a book or do work sheets all the time so she lets us do projects to replace that.” In Mrs. Bernhardt’s class we often do projects to replace the book work that we would have to do otherwise. We’re always doing something whether it is the drawn anatomy of the Human Brain with the Limbic System and the emotions made out of playdough.

Mrs. Bernhardt has the biggest heart and kindest soul a person could ever have. She says the best part of her day is waking up in the morning to come to school. She is always concerned about our wellbeing before our educational needs. She understands that in order to learn and make good grades we have to have good mental health. Mrs. Bernhardt always focuses on relationships with her students because she knows in order to get us to understand her and care about what she’s saying, she has to know us personally.