How Mrs. Ross Has Impacted Students Learning At PHS


Mrs. Ross hanging out at the river while spending time with her family.

Hannah Frazier, Reporter

Good: adjective, bet·ter, best. morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree: a good teacher; good health.

Have you ever struggled with math? Have you ever struggled so poorly to the point where you want to break down in tears? No student should ever feel this way about a subject. It’s proven that “a bad teacher can cause a student or class of students to experience significant setbacks.” Therefore, you always want to be sure to have the right teacher for you. All teachers teach and affect students differently. Once you’ve found the teacher for you math and general schooling will become much easier.

Here at PHS one of our math teachers is Mrs. Brianna Ross. For me, Mrs. Ross is the teacher who makes school easier. Before having Mrs. Ross I struggled with math. Many times I would get stressed out and cry simply because I couldn’t understand the formulas. Since having her, many things that I didn’t understand before I’m now able to understand. She has taught me some of the easiest ways to solve the hardest problems. There has been times when I doubted myself in her class and she always blocked out the negative and responded with something positive and encouraging. She has definitely changed the way I view math.

Mrs. Ross teaches Algebra I and II. Mrs Ross knows how to make learning fun so there’s never a dull moment in her class while we are learning. She takes time out of her day to find the most exciting and enjoyable assignments for students. She goes out of her way for students to make sure they succeed. One of the many ways is how she makes sure her students have all their assignments turned in before they retake any test or quiz. I find this very helpful because it helps me stay on top of my work. She also offers tutoring before school for students who need the extra help.

Mrs. Ross does all these things for her students despite her busy life. During after school hours Mrs. Ross takes care of her seven year old daughter who she said keeps her very busy. Mrs. Ross is also working on finishing up her specialist degree through SEMO. With all these things going on she continues to work out in her free time to stay fit! With everything that she has to take care of Mrs. Ross still manages to have fun. Some things that Mrs. Ross find happiness in are coffee, reading, true crime documentaries, and political podcasts. She also stated that she loves spending time with her family. Mrs. Ross does not like people who are unnecessarily mean.

With such a busy life it can be hard to stay positive (especially dealing with teenagers all day) but not for Mrs. Ross. She is a ray of sunshine all year around. I am so beyond grateful to have had Mrs. Ross my sophomore year, because of her I will never feel like a failure in math. She has taught me so much this year. From how to find x and y to figuring out what type of person I want to be after high school. If you struggle with math and want a super nice math teacher Mrs. Ross is the teacher for you. You will learn so many valuable lesson from her.

“Mrs. Ross has helped me in so many ways this year. She always gives me somebody to talk to when I need it and she never fails to show me new ways of understanding the lesson when I didn’t get it the first time she always is on her toes trying to make everyones happy and putting others first,” said Jensen Warden.