Mrs.Christopher, My Greatest Role Model


Mya Blair

Coming into high school is a completely new chapter of life for everyone. Your whole life all of your teachers tell you everything you will need to get you prepared. It starts to get scary, but then you come to high school and you realize it is not as bad as everyone has said. You have so many teachers that go out of their way to help you navigate through high school. If you are ever overwhelmed or need help you have a whole army of teachers in your corner. Sometimes it can be hard to pick just one person who you would have to talk about, how are you expected to just pick one person when you have ten that are spectacular. For me, one teacher in particular I have bonded with is Mrs.Christopher. 

Mrs. Christopher is not my actual classroom teacher, but she has still done so much for me. I go to the library every day from 12:33-1:20 for dual enrollment, and Mrs. Christopher is always sitting there waiting for us. Whether it’s showing us all a funny video to cheer us up, telling us funny stories, or just trying to connect with us, she is always willing to help and listen. Mrs. Christopher doesn’t necessarily help by telling me how to do my science stuff, but she helps with the technology. Mrs. Christopher has shown me how to navigate through the MAC program, she has also helped me turn my homework assignments into PDFs in order for me to be able to upload them. Even though she doesn’t help me with my actual work she has taken a lot of stress out of the technological work. She does not have to take time out of her busy schedule just to help me, but she chooses to. She always chooses to go out of her way in order to help all of her students. 

Mrs. Christopher is one of the busiest women I know. She has many other responsibilities besides just being the librarian. Mrs. Christopher is in charge of the chromebooks and making sure students get a charged chromebook and get it returned, and also contacting maintenance if a student is having a problem with their chromebook. She is in charge of keeping an eye on all of the dual enrollment students, and also keeping track of other teachers’ classes whenever they need to go somewhere or are absent that day. Mrs. Christopher is also in charge of the students who are online or virtual. Mrs. Christopher is in charge of the National Honor Society, Book Club, and the Leadership Team. She is in charge of planning cultural events such as baby showers for expecting teachers, planning potlucks, announcing teachers birthdays, etc. Mrs. Christopher is also in charge of planning and implementing homecoming and field trips. 

Mrs. Christopher has not always been the PHS librarian, she used to be a computer applications teacher and personal finance teacher at the middle school. Mrs. Christopher said that sometimes she misses being a regular teacher because she liked learning new strategies to help students reach their educational potential. She said that in order to fill in the gaps that she has from being a teacher she would stay current with new strategies presented at the pd workshops. Although she sometimes misses being a teacher she said she loves her new position at the high school. Mrs. Christopher said she likes her new position better because she gets to deal with more administrative tasks and she enjoys those. 

Mrs. Christopher has contagious positivity that radiates off of her. No matter how her day has been she always makes sure that she puts a smile on for us students. Even on days when it’s just me and her sitting there she makes sure that I have someone to talk to. She will tell me funny stories about her weekend and make an effort to make me laugh. I am very thankful for the bond I have created with Mrs. Christopher. I don’t think she even realizes that she helps her students so much, but I know I speak for many other people when I say that Mrs. Christopher has made an impact on my life.