Nicole Portell’s Dedication to her Community


Jade Williams, Reporter

There is no one like Nicole Portell. She may not be my principal but what she does is never unseen. She is an inspiration to those around her and I feel she is someone everyone should look up to, especially females. When I first started this assignment she was the first person I thought of. Nicole “Nicki” Portell is the Trojan Intermediate Principal. Not only is she a principal, but she is also the mother of two children, Gavin and Lilli. They both are in and out of different sports and it is tough to be a mother, a principal, a wife, and even a coach. 

She is currently coaching her daughter’s travel volleyball team who are constantly driving around the state of Missouri. As a coach, she has inspired me to also follow in that direction and coach little league volleyball. I started coaching in 8th grade and I remember one team that we could never beat, and that was Nicki’s team. I wanted my girls to play and win just as much as hers did. She was an inspiration to me and she still is today. 

Her never-ending dedication to being there for her kids and students is an amazing thing. She’s always taking that further step to make her kids better and better every day. I remember when we had the homecoming annual fish fry she was happy to scoop as much food as to fill up 30 plates. She has been an active member of the football boosters page and is always at the games supporting her “sons”. She has known most of those boys their whole to pretty much be their mother. They all have a bond with her that makes the boys and her so much closer. 

When you talk about dedication and compassion to a team, her name is always brought up. Danny Mueller has seen all of the “fame” that Nikki’s team has done over the past few months. “Nicki has done such a great job with those girls. I don’t know how she does so many great things without getting tired of it”. Mrs. Portell has brought home a second place with her club team and multiple first places to follow those. She has traveled to Perryville almost every weekend ending with a first-place dub. With that being said, it is hard for her to have any free time to herself. 

To me that is so special, having a bond with everyone in Potosi. She has truly been an asset to the young women in our community. As the role model she is, I have wanted to follow more in coaching young girls to prepare them for the higher level of volleyball and softball they will play in the future. As summer is rolling in, I have been asked to be a coach for girls wanting to play softball. I have gotten more experience by standing by and watching Nikki coach the young girls she has right now. All in all, Nikki has been an amazing person. She has been a part of this community for many years and as they continue she has made multiple marks in Potosi history that will not be forgotten. A huge thank you to Nicole Portell for being the best she can be daily. I am so glad to call her my friend, my principal, and of course a Trojan!