A Firefighter’s Influence


Carlee Moss, Reporter

When people think of a 911 dispatcher most do not think of a high school graduate, especially not one who graduated early. Senior David Buhler has been a Jr. Firefighter and is now a firefighter and a 911 dispatcher for Washington County. David has been interested in firefighting for years and has been a Jr firefighter for 3 years now and was promoted to Chief Jr. Firefighter and helped train the recruits.
Sophomore Chase Janis, who is a Jr. firefighter, said “ David is respectful to us while working and the Jr.’s can go to him with any questions.” David was promoted to a firefighter once he turned 18, in January 2023. When asked what he enjoys the most about working as a firefighter David said, “I enjoy the people I get to work with and the change I make when I can help people in need.”
While David was doing all this he worked hard in school, too. David worked so hard to graduate a year and a half early by completing tons of tests and a lot of studying so he could continue his passion for helping people. David continued his training by going to the firehouse. He also is training to become an EMT at the ambulance shed here in town. David’s day-to-day life can look kind of hectic to most people. He works 12 hours as a dispatcher and on top of that he still goes to his classes and training. If anything can be taken from David is that with hard work, a lot of passion for helping, and the right training anything is possible.