Mrs. Politte


Addison Sansegraw

I have always loved running. I started in elementary and intermediate when we would have cross country races once a year. Freshman year I was going into the last building at Potosi R-3 School District. I was now the youngest in the school, and starting cross country season competing with a bunch of fast runners. Out of all the coaches I have had, this one specifically helped me go above and beyond. 

 Mrs. Politte is a math teacher here at PHS and the cross country and track coach. Running is truly a mindset sport. I love and appreciate how she just wanted us to do our best and push ourselves. During cross country and track season, she would push me to do my best and believe in me even when I couldn’t believe in myself. She took time out of her weekend off to schedule some practices to make sure the team had enough practices in order to be eligible to compete in our meet. 

After long hard practices on hot days she would reward the team with ice cream or popsicles. Over summer break we had early morning practices that everyone would dread going to. She made it fun by making it into a scavenger hunt and us meeting back at Reed’s Relics and getting ice cream. She made running miles worth it by all the time, effort, and believing in me and my team. Her constant motivation and encouragement pushed me to goals I never thought I would reach. At all of our meets she made sure to be at different spots to cheer us on and tell us what time we were at. She is very dedicated to the sport and team. One thing she used to always say to us at practice is, “If you cheat yourself your cheating your team.” 

McKayla Randall said, “Coach Politte is very encouraging and very easy to talk to and is willing to take time out of her day just to help you if needed.” 

Mrs. Politte also was my math teacher. She was exceedingly compassionate and assisted me in comprehending math easier. She aided me in stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming my fear of speaking up when I needed help or didn’t understand by letting me go to her during Trojan time and talking to me before and after class. 

Even though I don’t have her as a teacher or a coach anymore, anytime she sees me in the hallway she says, “Hey Addie how’s it going.” Mrs. Politte had truly made an impact on my life and I’m forever grateful for her.