Lending a Hand Makes a Difference


Aubree Wilson, Reporter

As the sun begins to set on the Farmington Civic Center, the gymnasium sparkles with streamers and balloons, and the sound of laughter fills the air as the students arrive one by one. Myla’s system is overridden when she walks the red carpet and witnesses everyone’s smiles that flood the room. I’m unsure how to react to everything. I keep walking back and forth from the station I’m working trying to help out the parents and teachers and into where everyone is at.
“Um, miss, where can she go to get ready?” a lady asked.
“Take a left, then there is a room right by the bathroom. There are people who are helping girls get dressed and have their makeup done,” Myla told her.
“Ok thank you!” she replied.
“You’re welcome. Oh and she will end up with a buddy tonight so you don’t have to worry about anything!” There is so much to do in just a little time. I hope I can get everything done for everyone tonight.
At Potosi High School there is a student who volunteered her time to help out with the special needs prom. Myla Blair is a freshman at PHS. She went out of her day to help set up to make the perfect night for all the students who went to prom.
Myla said, “I wanted to do some good in the community and I wanted to see the look on their faces. It always makes me feel like I accomplished something when I help people out.”
Myla is a kind-hearted person, and she is always available to assist anyone who needs assistance with anything, be it work-related or otherwise.
Mrs. Luther attended prom and said, “ When a high school peer helps a special needs person at a social function, that is the definition of a good deed. A special needs person whether a child, teen or adult almost always needs assistance in a social setting. When a peer is available to help them with a schedule of events, assistance in getting to where they need to be and just being there to give assurance when needed is so very important and helpful.”
Mrs. Luther continued to say, “That the most important function is for you to be a friend to them.Serving as a friend at a function like “Night to Shine” involves putting away all of your needs and only focusing on the person that you are there to serve. As a friend you need to be able to engage them in conversation about their interests or potential passions.To show them that you care about them and assure them that you will be there for them no matter what. As a helper at these events you almost have to know whether they are going to need help with their clothing, help with getting food/drinks, and just to help them socialize.”
She also said, “In my opinion, there is and will always be a demand in our society to help people with special needs. When all of us are born on this Earth we have to learn to accept who we are and accept our differences. Putting aside ourselves for a while, and helping others is what we are supposed to do.”
Myla helping out with prom is just one example of her kindness. Her kindness doesn’t just stop at prom. Her kindness spreads to her friends and everyone else. I asked Amajalea, one of Mylas friends, about how Myla affects them and she said, “Despite whether Myla knows you or not, she is always willing to give you a smile to put on your face. There will never be a moment Myla isn’t nice to a human being. She is such a bright human being. She always lights up a room when she walks in.”