A Day In The Life


Lillyan Bourbon and Abigail McConnell awarded with first place in their category at Team Talent, a church event.

Autumn Hedrick, Reporter

          For high school students, a day compared to their peers’ day can look completely different. Some have jobs, sports, and things that are important to them. For most students, their lives are busy and eventful. Many are only recognized if they do something that involves the school, but all students and their hobbies deserve recognition.

          Junior Vivian Dontrich spends her time working. When asked why Vivian enjoys working, she replied, “Working shows responsibility and independence. I recommend that everyone does this rather than being a couch potato.”

          Junior Lillyan Bourbon and sophomore Abigail McConnell spend their after-school hours and weekends doing things with their church youth group and being a part of the youth choir. Lillyan said, “Not only does it give me something to do, it’s good to just be with kids who love Jesus and it’s great for making friends. It’s also great worshiping Jesus with kids my age and doing it to help others worship.” Lillyan also said she “110%” recommends this to other people.

          Sophomore Kairi Polite spends her time drawing/sketching. She enjoys sketching in her sketchbooks. Kairi said, “It helps me to escape from reality, forget about all my worries and my stresses just for a while, and enjoy the activity I am doing.” She recommends this to other people.

          Even though only certain students are known at school because of their athletic abilities or their academics, there’s more that should be talked about. These things are important to students and should be recognized.