Making History


Kaelynn Mosier

Being its first year, similar to All-State choir, the All Collective was looking for a group of outstanding and exceptional students that would honor and work for this prestigious award. To be picked for this outstanding honor and award you had to audition with original music and submit it in hopes of being considered. Audrey Neel, a Senior at Potosi high school, used this opportunity to her advantage. Making All-State choir her junior year she had no doubt she would get it again her senior year. After the upsetting news of not even making the All-District choir during her senior year, Audrey was in shock. She remembered asking herself, “Am I actually good at music?” “Am I not a good singer?.” She explained how she never understood why, which is what led to her and Mrs. Lewis investigating ways to get her name back out there. After Mrs. Lewis found and forwarded Audrey an email over the Collective she decided this was gonna be her chance. She soon applied in hopes of being selected. Once the submissions were finished the Collective picked 15 students in the entire state of Missouri to hold this award, one of which was Audrey. Audrey said, “This moment was truly an honor.” She explained that once making this select group, she and the other 14 students via zoom wrote songs and eventually came together for three days, where they performed at the All-State convention. During this performance Audrey played instruments and sang their original pieces, When We Were Young and Pack Your Bags. Audrey had the honor of being the first student ever to earn this award from Potosi High School, making history.