Mrs. Fulton Helping Others

Jaiden McDonough

       Many teachers have taught me very valuable things and life lessons but there is one that sticks with me the most. Mrs. Fulton has taught me to help others in need and to show kindness to people. 

On multiple occasions she has helped students with things that they needed. She is always stocked up on supplies for students like hygiene products and bandaids for anyone who needs them. She is always happy to help students out in need and she makes so many fun assignments and note sheets for the students to get more engaged in the classroom. 

Mrs. Fulton has shown kindness to me and has helped me out multiple times. Anytime that I have asked for a hair tie or feminine products she has always had them ready. I have watched other students ask for the same things and she has always helped them out. She is always so sweet to others and she makes sure that they are feeling alright when she knows something is wrong. She is a person you know for sure that will help you when you need it most. 

I was coming down with pneumonia and when she saw me she immediately asked me if I was feeling okay. She asked me if I needed a ride home so that I could go rest instead of walking around barely being able to breathe because both of my parents were out of town that day. I had told her that I was feeling okay enough to finish the school day but she still insisted that she could find me a ride home. I was still struggling to breathe for the next few days, and she told me that I could lay my head down and if I needed anything then she would get it for me. She wouldn’t even let me get up and open the door for students coming back into the class because she said she didn’t want me to overwork my body since it was already going through enough. She was doing her best to help a student out in need and she showed sincerity and kindness to me and I am so grateful that I have her as a teacher. 

Mrs. Fulton teaches science courses here at PHS like forensics, chemistry and biology. She has been teaching at PHS since 2008. She said what she likes most about teaching is “being able to connect with the students and build relationships with them and watch them grow.“ 

Junior Lillian Portell said, “Mrs. Fulton makes her assignments fun and you get to have hands-on learning experiences and her classroom is always relaxing and it is not filled with a lot of stress.”